About Reynolds Steel

Reynolds started producing high quality steel tubing in Birmingham in 1898, the steel has been used for making many things, such as bike frames and even Spitfire wing spars during World War II. Their 531 tubing was released in 1935 and was seen as revolutionary for its time and was also used to make the original Dawes Galaxy.

Reynolds steels are lightweight and strong, which makes them ideal for use in bicycle manufacture. Since 1958 27 winning riders were using Reynolds frames and the Reynolds name has now become a renowned name amongst top cyclists. All these key points tie in well with our need to use high quality materials and even more importantly a great ride.

We currently use Reynolds tubing on a number of our bikes from our Galaxy touring and Audax ranges.

Below is a brief explanation of the different characteristics of the Reynolds tube that we use. For more information about Reynolds tubing please visit their website.