Q: I’m thinking of buying a Dawes bike, but don’t know what size frame I need?

A: You are by no means alone! Buying a new bike can be a bit of a mine field and, choosing the right size is crucial in ensuring you enjoy your new purchase for years to come. With various designs of bike, there are various opinions on what size you need, also, personal preference and riding style has a huge affect on the answer to this question. We would always recommend you visit your local Dawes dealer to sit on different size frames and to see which you personally prefer, here you can also receive all the advice you need on what sort of bike you need. Various sizing charts can be found with a simple online search, but again, physically sitting on different bikes is always the best way to find what is right. Click here for your nearest Dawes dealer.

Q: What warranty does a Dawes bike come with?

A: Click here for full details on our warranty and how to make a claim

Q: I have bought a Dawes bike and there is a problem with it, how do i fix it?

A: We do all we can so that you do not have to ask this question, but in the event that you do experience problems with your new Dawes bike, you should contact the seller as soon as possible. They will then in turn contact us should they need any parts/advice.

Q: I had an accident on my Dawes bike and have broken a part, how do I replace it?

A: Unfortunately, any crash/accident damage is not covered by our warranty, therefore any replacement parts will be at your cost. If you visit your local dealer they can advise the best solution – in many cases, parts/components have a generic fitment, so it is not essential to obtain all spares from Dawes Cycles. Your dealer may stock alternative products that will work fine. For those parts which are specific to Dawes eg; coloured mudguards etc, please request them through your dealer and we will fulfil the order asap.

Q: Can I buy a new bike directly from Dawes?

A: The only place you can buy a new Dawes bicycle, is from an approved Dawes dealer. We have always supported this way of doing business as it ensures our bikes reach you in full working order with no concerns over safety. Most dealers will offer a free of charge Pre-Delivery inspection, which basically means they will ensure the bike is in full working order, before you take it home. We don’t sell ‘boxed bikes’. Sometimes there will be a small premium when buying a bike in store rather than from competing online stores, but this premium ensures you receive the bike how you would expect. You may save a small amount buying a boxed bike online, but if you need the bike building, any bike shop will charge you for this. The charge for this service is dependent on the store you take the bike to, but quite often it will outweigh the original saving.

Q: I have an old Dawes bike, can you tell me the model and value?

A: The second hand bike market can be quite tricky, there are no fixed price suggestions as with things such as cars, for example. Quite often, your second hand bike is worth what the buyer is willing to pay – so can vary tremendously. For a guide, we suggest you look online for similar bikes and take from that a rough valuation. We cannot offer quotes on your bike as this is often impossible without seeing the bike in the ‘flesh’. Also, if you have an old Dawes bike without decals or identifying features, it can often be difficult for us to identify the exact model – we have made quite a few over the years afterall! One solution can sometimes be to email us the frame number (stamped on the underside of the bottom bracket). You can do this using our ‘Contact’ page and we will do all we can to help, however, due to various changes within our company over the years, we do not have comprehensive archives dating back further than the late 90’s.

Q: I’ve emailed you but not received a reply?

A: We endeavour to reply to all queries within 2 working days, if not sooner. If you’ve emailed us, you’ll hear from us very soon!

Q: I want to buy a new bike, but am not sure which would suit me best?

A: We hope that the descriptions given for each of our bikes highlights the intended use and suitability for your needs. However, the best way to ensure you buy the correct bike is to speak directly with your Dawes retailer. If you have a face-to-face conversation with your local bike shop, you’ll get all the answers you need and, have a point of contact for any future queries. Click here for your nearest Dawes dealer.

Q: I have chosen a Dawes bicycle and know which size frame I would like, can you tell me where I can buy it from?

A: Unfortunately, once our dealers take delivery of our bikes, we have no reference as to whether or not they still hold them in stock. Our best advice is to contact your local Dawes dealer/s and ask them which models they have available. If they do not have one ready and waiting, they will contact us to try and order one in for you. Click here for your nearest Dawes dealer.

Q: I have scratched/chipped the paintwork on my Dawes bicycle, can you supply touch-up paint?

A: Due to the shear volume of bikes and colours we have offered over the years, it is impossible for us to hold stock of touch-up paints. If you contact your local auto-spares centre, they can often mix paint for you using colour charts to match up the correct colour. We also cannot offer colour references for your bike as our factories use codes which are unrecognised by UK suppliers – so colour charts are the most accurate solution. This method will normally allow you to buy small touch-up ‘sticks’ or, for the bigger jobs, aerosol sprays.

Q: I’m looking for sponsorship on an up and coming event, can Dawes help?

A: We are approached on a very regular basis by people looking for sponsorship but regrettably, we cannot offer support to all causes, no matter how deserving. We work with chosen charities every year which include, among others, ‘Cyclists Fighting Cancer’. This planned commitment more than often leads to unfavourable responses to any further requests that we receive.  That said, if you’d still like to discuss your proposal please click here to send us a message

Q: Is there a weight limit on Dawes bikes?

All our adult bikes conform to ISO standards, which dictates a maximum permissible weight of 135kg (except folding bikes: 90kg).  This includes the weight of the rider, bike and any accessories.  If you exceed this weight, we’d recommend you talk with your local bike shop for advice on most suitable models.

Q: I’ve bought a new bike online and it’s been delivered boxed, how do I assemble it?

We would always recommend you purchase your new bike from your local Dawes dealer.  They can first of all offer you any guidance you need on your purchase, and when you’ve decided they will fully assemble your new bike and conduct a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI).  This means you won’t have to ask this question, and can ride away knowing your bike is assembled correctly and safely – any issues you come across after purchase can also be dealt with by your local dealer.  Buying online offers the convenience of not having to leave your house and can at times offer a saving on RRP, but it will mean your bike is received boxed, 85% assembled.  Handlebars, pedals, stem and front wheel will need fitting and the bike will need generally checking over to ensure brakes and gears are working, as well as all components are sufficiently tight.  If you’re not confident in doing this yourself, we’d highly recommend you contact your local bike shop/mechanic or at least a friend with more bicycle knowledge to offer assistance.  We do offer an Owners Guide with every bike with basic assembly instructions, but these are not bespoke to each individual model.  Any assembly or servicing work carried out by a bike shop which did not sell you the bike will incur a charge payable by yourself.

Q: Are bikes which are purchased online still covered by the same warranty?

We offer a warranty on all our bikes, to the original purchaser.  How individual warranty claims are handled depends on the seller so please look at their terms and conditions before any purchase.

Q: Are Li-Fe electric scooters allowed to be used on the road?

UK Legislation currently dictates the use of electric scooters to be limited to private land only, it is illegal to use electric scooters on the public highway, including cycle paths and pavements.  Legislation is currently under review following the Governments continued message of avoiding public transport as well as seeking “green” travel solutions.  It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that you operate your e-scooter within all local laws. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of electric scooter products.