Our Brands

Tandem Group Cycles is a Birmingham based bicycle distributor responsible for some of the best known bike brands in the UK.  With two historic British brands Dawes and Claud Butler in our stable, we have a wealth of experience designing, developing and producing high quality bikes that are perfectly suited to the UK cycling market.  Each of our brands are developed with very different intentions in mind, playing to the strength’s of their heritage in certain cycling categories, and all are managed under the umbrella of Tandem Group Cycles (part of Tandem Group plc).



Designed and developed in Birmingham, England since the early 1900’s, we know a thing or two about making a great bike.  With such a broad range of products, we can also offer you something suitable from the moment you first start riding, with stabilisers, or a balance bike, right through until the day comes when you hang up your cycling helmet.  Focusing on bikes “for the family”, Dawes has a great range of junior bikes, hybrid bikes, trekking bikes and even tandems to get you out and about as a group, on quality bikes.  Alongside that, Dawes has also developed a range of globe trotting touring bikes which are ideal for the more ambitious cyclists out there.

The range has been completely overhauled for 2018, and if you’re a keen fan of our Dawes brand, you’ll notice certain models are no longer available; such as our mountain bikes, or Discovery Sport bikes.  This is because we felt these bikes sat better under our Claud Butler brand…so if you’re looking for a more, muddy adventure, head over to our Claud Butler section.





The history of Claud Butler can be traced back over 135 years.  Synonymous in the world of mountain biking, Claud Butler also offers quality bikes suitable for road, gravel, the daily commute and also those weekends exploring.  All built with quality and value in mind, you can be assured that our experience and progressive approach to development results in bikes that are practical and most of all, fun to ride.  All of our bikes are designed in the UK, for UK riders and conditions.  We have a passion for cycling, and hope that comes across on each and every bike we’ve designed.

Our 2018 range has been completely revamped to offer a fresh look and, improved specifications.  If you’ve not looked at Claud Butler in recent years, we feel you’ve joined us at the perfect time – with a concise range of impressive bikes and at great price points, you won’t need to look elsewhere!

Focusing a lot of attention on our Mountain Bike range, we’ve also applied a similar “feel” to our Cyclo-Cross, Road and Urban Commuters – giving that more modern feeling




As the name suggests, all our bikes are made for the demands of British cyclists.  This range in particular pays close attention to those cyclists on a budget, and who just want a bike to get from a-to-b without breaking the bank.  That doesn’t mean to say these are cheap, nasty “bike shaped objects” as have become common place in other entry level ranges, far from it!  We spend the same amount of time designing, developing and testing our British Eagle bikes as with any of our other prestigious bike brands.

Offering an attractive range of bikes from 20” junior, through to 700C hybrids, all British Eagle products offer an unrivalled blend of quality and value for money.  With under-lacquer decals, newly introduced alloy models and a refined range of heritage style bikes, British Eagle will make you think twice about how far you can make your budget stretch!




Our exciting range of junior Squish bikes has been designed to be lightweight, functional and most of all fun to ride!  Encouraging your child to enjoy cycling can sometimes be tricky, especially if their only option is to learn on a heavy bike, with components that are too big and parts that are hard to use.  With a Squish bike, all those headaches have been removed to leave a simple to use, lightweight bike that your child can really enjoy!

We launched the Squish brand in January 2017 and since then it’s gone from strength to strength.  With the introduction of a couple of new colours, and with demand outstripping supply on more than one occasion, it’s certainly a range of bikes that are going places!  Parents are recognising the huge benefits of spending that bit extra on their child’s bike to get something they’ll truly enjoy riding.  With Squish, we’ve managed to tick all the boxes of being lightweight, easy to use, functional and great looking, but without ticking the unwanted box of being over-priced.  In fact, we’d go as far as saying we’re one of the most competitively priced, premium junior brands in the world!




Designed and developed in-house at Tandem Group Cycles, our range of Pulse cycling accessories offer a concise range of great value, quality products.  Helmets, Lights, Locks and Pumps create the foundation of the range, and cover all the essential accessories that any cyclist should consider.  We’ve also worked hard to save you money, so you’ll find our offering very attractive compared to most other brands.




All of our products are available to buy through our network of nationwide dealers.  We believe in this way of doing business as it ensures you as the consumer receive the best possible service and after care – your local dealer is there to educate you on everything you might want to learn about bikes and cycling, and if you choose one of our products, your local dealer will be there should you have any servicing needs further down the line.  To find out which stores are in your area, simply enter your postcode into our Store Locator

We understand that there is a huge array of choice on today’s bike market, so we very much appreciate you taking the time to visit our website.  We hope you find everything you are looking for, but if you have any questions about any of our brands, you can also email us at support@tandemgroupcycles.com and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 1-2 working days.