Li-Fe 350 Air


Our all new range of Li-Fe electric scooters offer yet another choice in two-wheel transport, and they’re set to be the next big thing for commuters and leisure users alike, wanting to avoid public transport and get out in the fresh air!  Simply push away, twist the accelerator and smoothly be driven along up to 15mph (25kph).  With 3 different speed settings and 10″ pneumatic tyres we’ve developed the Li-Fe 350 Air scooter to offer maximum comfort, performance and control no matter how you use it.  When you’re done, simply fold it down and store away without taking up as much space as a bike…or car!  Each of our Li-Fe models fold, and when folded the handlebars clip securely to the rear mudguard making them simple to carry too!

Utilising the same, quality 36V 7.5Ah battery as fitted in our 250 Air Pro model but adopting a more powerful 350W motor, this larger scooter shares the same range of approx 28km!  The larger 10″ wheels help soak up the bumps better to create a more stable ride.  As well as the automatic electronic brake which is applied as soon as you release the accelerator, the Li-Fe 350 also includes a powerful rear disc brake for ultimate control!

As standard all our scooters come with front and rear lights (with rear brake light) but our 350 Air comes with super bright COB LED upfront.  For additional safety we also fit each model with a “push-start” throttle which only activates once the scooter is travelling at 3kph+, preventing any accidental acceleration.  Scroll down the page for more specification details.

UK Legislation: currently, it is illegal to use electric scooters on the public highway, including cycle paths and pavements.  Legislation is currently under review following the Governments continued message of avoiding public transport as well as seeking “green” travel solutions.  It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that you operate your e-scooter within all local laws. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of electric scooter products.

Download the Li-Fe 350 Air Owners Manual here


Battery type Lithium ion
Battery 36V, 7.5Ah
Charging Time 5-6hrs
Motor power 350W
Distance on single charge 25-28km
Max Speed 25km/h
Max Load 120kg
Front wheel tyre 10inch air filled (50psi)
Rear wheel tyre 10inch air filled (50psi)
Accelerator type Twist throttle with “push-start” safety feature (scooter must be travelling at 3kph+ before throttle engages)
Brake electric Yes, auto brake slows motor down when accelerator is released
Brake mechanical Rear Disc Brake
Adjustable handlebar height No
Suspension No
Net weight 16.5kg
Colour Black, green detailing
Water proof IP54
Bearing ABEC-5
LED display 3 speed modes
Package size 116*27.5*58
Other Front & Rear Light + Brake light
Li-Fe 350 Owners Manual